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Since time immemorial, recreation and entertainment have been the soul of a thriving human settlement. Be it the mehfils of classical singers or programmes of dance, these events have always got a community to interact with each other and to form stronger social bonds.

The seeds of this process were sown eons ago when artistes used to enthrall the audiences with their superlative talents; eventually bringing everyone closer and tying the society together with the thread of entertainment.

With this retrospect and awareness, we at A-Field have ventured into event production. A young team of avid art-lovers, coupled with a vast experience in event management and marketing; we’re a full-fledged event production company. Right from the initial conceptualization, we work closely with artistes, corporates, and brands to come up with innovative and alluring events.

We work dedicatedly with the philosophy of "Ideate. Create. Execute," which speaks volumes about our readiness to bring something unique to the table. We also believe in being the best at what we do – from the concepts that we ideate, to the production quality we maintain, to the end of the event, where we ensure that everyone involved with us and the programme, leave with a smile on their faces and contentment in their hearts.


Our beliefs propel us to think that whatever work comes our way; we always give it our best. This vision is ingrained in all our directors, artistes, and staff. We believe this train of thought inspires us to better ourselves with every project we undertake.

Adhering to these principles and thought processes, we see ourselves as the market leaders in our field, a few years down the line.


Our mission is to ideate, create, and execute out-of-the-box events in collaboration with enthusiastic clients and artistes, and bring them to the public, packaged in a way they might have never experienced before.

The team works tirelessly to ensure that we inch closer to this mission every single day.