Taufiq Qureshi, an ace percussionist of India, referred to as a game changer, is also an acclaimed composer. Taufiq is recognized for his path-breaking and trend-setting work, as a performing artiste and as composer/arranger in the field of world music. Taufiq has been ably successful at taking the nuances of traditional rhythms of India to an alternate form of World Music and offering it to a larger audience, comprising of all age groups and from different parts of the world. Being the son and disciple of the legendary tabla maestro Ustad Allarakha; Taufiq’s performances showcase the traditional flavour and intricacies of Indian rhythm, interwoven with the sparkle of his phenomenal command over contemporary world percussions

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Surya- the New Sun, an Indian Classical fusion band is conceived by the ace percussionist and acclaimed composer, Taufiq Qureshi. It beautifully amalgamates the flavours of ethnic and world music. It is an explosive performance of Taufiq’s World Percussions fused with Indian rhythms on the Djembe and Hindustani melodies on either the Sitar or the Sarod; supported by the keyboard. Taufiq’s trademark style incorporates body and vocal percussions to create unique rhythmic motifs spanning across cultures. The mellifluous sound of the strings create melodies steeped in Indian Classical Music, which also are reflected through the electronic mode of the strings; (the electronic Sitar or the electronic Sarod) and fly beyond boundaries of Ethnic Music.


‘Mumbai Stamp’ is an innovative band conceived and formed by TAUFIQ QURESHI, where trash material is put to use creatively to explore new rhythmic horizons. ‘Mumbai Stamp’, consists of 5 to 6 young drummers who play on all sorts of waste materials like bins, cans, tin boxes, buckets etc. Vibrant patterns of rhythm originating from these non conventional instruments take the audience to another level of energy. The band enjoys the appreciation of all types of audience-be it music lovers, corporate world or the novice. ‘Mumbai Stamp’ has left its indelible “stamp” on many a hit Bollywood Blockbuster Songs and background scores, like Dhoom 2, Bhool Bhulaiya, ABCD 1 and 2 to name a few.